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Application areas of the toolbox
Source:English website Release time:2021/8/7 16:22:05
1. Staff's portable toolbox, ear picker 's stainless steel toolbox, repairman's repair toolbox, doctor's medicine kit, etc. 2. Auto 4S shop, when the 4S shop builds a station, it will be equipped with a certain number of toolboxes , In order to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency, while being commensurate with its grade, improve the grade; 3. Large factories: most of the large factories are assembly line operations, which are quick and convenient to use small toolboxes; 4. Bus and aircraft manufacturers: large buses As with aircraft manufacturing companies, the environment requirements for tool workshops are relatively high, and at the same time the work stations are relatively large, so a certain toolbox is inevitably required. 5. Various other fields may be involved.
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