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The purpose of the toolbox
Source:English website Release time:2021/8/7 16:22:05

Toolbox (Gongjuxiang): English name: TOOLBOX As the name implies, it is a container for storing tools and various household items. It can be used for various purposes such as production, household, maintenance, fishing, etc., and is widely used. It is divided into mobile type and fixed type. The mobile toolbox is the so-called tool cart.

Material: PP plastic/plastic buckle/metal buckle

Specifications: 40*18*21 (cm) and various sizes.

Features: Use PP engineering plastics, good load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, strong plasticity, diverse colors, large internal volume of the portable toolbox, separable inner tank, plastic buckle and metal buckle respectively.

1. work tops unique injection molding, higher strength, smooth surface treated more easily wipe the oil, the hand injection molding using soft overall, more ergonomic - Injection panel pedestal 2 work tool vise Abundant tool modules can be stored in the drawer of the box. 3 The two sides of the drawer adopt superimposed ball sliding rails, which have excellent smoothness and increase the service life. The extended extension distance allows the drawers to be fully opened, facilitating the extraction of objects in the drawers. 4 Each drawer has a self-locking function. 5 Both sides of the tool box adopt a double-layer steel plate design with a steel plate inside a mesh plate, which makes the box more robust and durable. The mesh plate is used to hang tools or accessories to extend the use of functions. 6 The central lock adopts a ring key structure, which can extend the service life of the lock. -In order to avoid the inability to open the drawer after losing the key, each lock is equipped with a corresponding number. As long as the number is provided, the key can be reconfigured. 7 The four corners of the tool box are equipped with anti-collision strips made of new composite materials. 8 The size is moderate and can be stored in the trunk of the car, which is convenient and quick.

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